A Simple and very effective solution


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Install Pic 1

Step 2

Door trim removed showing the speaker
recess and the wiring that feeds the window
motor from the switches
For these 2 wires remove the covers to expose the bare connections. do not disconnect anything, leave the windows circuit as it is, this is just
allowing for testing
step 3 Step 4
Pic 3 Pic 4
Locate a good earth point on the door like a bolt or bare metal, making sure it is clean and free from paint. Use an automotive test lamp or find a 12v bulb (a low wattage bulb e.g. sidelight ) and connect 2
wires to it as shown above.
step 3 step 4
Pic 3 Pic 4
Check your test lamp works first by testing on
a battery or battery charger
Connect one of these wires to the earth point on the door and the other in your hand ready for the compatibly test
step 3 step 4
Step 7 Pic Step Pic 8
Switch ignition on and with no buttons pressed,
touch your test wire on to both of the motor wires individually. If the bulb does not light then the module is compatible with your Ferrari.
To double check compatibity and to prove your test circuit is working correctly press up on the window switch, while the window is moving only one wire will light the bulb. Vice versa in the other direction.

If the bulb has been light by touching either of the motor wires with no buttons pressed then the unit is incompatible with your Ferrari DON'T PANIC“. Watch this site, a new module will be available shortly offering compatibility for non standard vehicles.

If the bulb does not light when the buttons are pressed check the bulb and circuit. Pay particular attention to the earth point.